A Tale of Two Gowns

It’s wonderful when I get a chance to reuse a pattern- but even better when the results look so wildly different! Both of these gowns were made with the J.P. Ryan “Robe à l’Anglaise or English Nightgown” as well as their pattern for pocket hoops (patterns found here). The Yellow Gown I made the yellow … Continue reading A Tale of Two Gowns

1500’s Italian Kirtle

This project was a labor of love for the Renaissance faire. I wanted to try to self-draft a simple 1500’s Italian kirtle as new garb for the 2018 season. In my research, I had seen examples of some with side lacing in portraits and I liked the variation from front lacing ones I had made … Continue reading 1500’s Italian Kirtle

Vintage Hat Shopping

This weekend was a shopping weekend! We have lots of lovely antique stores in our area, and I’ve found that some of them carry vintage apparel. Bless Pennsylvania and its many, many antique stores- we were very lucky! 1940’s Halo Hat First up is this 1940’s halo-style hat. I can’t stress enough how enormous this … Continue reading Vintage Hat Shopping


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